Stephen Hart
Head Coach – HFX Wanderers FC

I have known Michael for over 20 years. Michael has worked with me as an assistant coach at both the male & female level and he has also worked as my goalkeeping coach on many occasions. Michael has often provided a detailed video analysis of outfield players in relation to positioning and tactics, showing their strengths and those areas that they can improve both offensively and defensively. He has also done the same with goalkeepers, providing his own insight into their development based on their qualities. I have always found this information, not only informative and thought provoking, but for those players that are willing to listen and apply, I have seen remarkable improvement in their game.



Scott Firth
Midfielder – HFX Wanderers FC

Having received training from private academies, soccer clubs and the provincial program, these environments offered Scott many tools to become a successful player but still his knowledge of the game was not complete. Early in 2016, Mike Hunter offered his video analysis approach to help complete Scott’s game. A one on one instructional strategy to help Scott better understand the responsibilities of his position. Scott had been successful but never really understood how to play his position. Results speak for themselves. Since Mike started working with Scott, he has gone to Club Nationals three times, made the Canada Summer Games team as an under-aged player, been selected to the Nova Scotia Whitecaps Pre-Residency program, and recently started and played 80 minutes as the youngest player for the HFX Wanderers vs Fortuna Dusseldorf. If you’re looking for the missing link that is not offered elsewhere, look no further. . .
– Andy Firth



Haley Smith
Goalkeeper – Illinois State University, Suburban F.C.

Reviewing film is a very important part of the growth of any athlete, but especially a goalkeeper. This position places such a large importance on positioning and technique. Doing goalkeeping sessions with Mike helped me learn and improve my techniques for saving and distributing the ball, which are extremely important aspects of goalkeeping. Positioning is something you need assessed in game situations, which makes film very important. By going over game film with Mike I learned my tendencies very quickly. Many of the shots that resulted in goals were not because my techniques let me down, but because my positioning was incorrect. Once I was aware of where I was over-shifting or starting too low, they were easy corrections to make. After Mike pointed out my flaws I began focusing more on positioning in games, by checking my placement on restarts and whenever I remembered. Now I am able to find my set position more naturally without thinking. Overall, I think it is important to use any resource available to improve your skills and knowledge of the game, and film is a great resource if you have someone who knows what they’re talking about, and Mike is beyond qualified for the job.



Christian Oxner
Goalkeeper – HFX Wanderers FC

I have been training with Mike for 8 years now. Not only has he helped me improve my game through training but also with the use of video analysis. When you reach the top level of your sport the margins between good and great are so slim that the smallest details make the biggest difference. Mike was always one to teach me about the details, together we would look at film to improve my positioning, technique and situational awareness. Not only would we use game footage but footage from training sessions as well. If you’re looking to take your game to the next level there is only one person I would recommend and that is Mike.



Luke Green
Centre Back – HFX Wanderers FC

We had been looking for some extra soccer training for our son as he wanted to take his soccer to the next level. We found out about Michael Hunter and his program called Serious Soccer. This program was exactly what our son was looking for. Hunter offers a unique program utilizing video analysis to demonstrate and teach soccer skills which promotes skill development. This program enabled Luke, and us as parents, to learn about skill development. Luke responded extremely well to the program which has had an impact on Luke recently signing his first professional contract with HFX Wanderers FC and accepting an athletic scholarship to St. FX University. We fully support Michael Hunter and his Serious Soccer program. It certainly helped Luke get to the next level.

– Wendy, Greg and Luke Green



Kieran Baskett
Goalkeeper – HFX Wanderers FC

I first started training with Mike age 9, and was quickly inspired by his knowledge and passion of the goalkeeping position. He is a coach dedicated to what he teaches, and will always try to get the best out of his players. Working with Mike you get the feeling that he takes a personal interest in making you a better player. I have learned and improved technically, physically, and tactically through the Serious Soccer program. I would highly recommend Serious Soccer to anyone trying to improve their game.



Jackson Gardner
Goalkeeper – Glenorchy Knights / Thompson Rivers University

I have been working with Michael for about two years now. By no coincidence, the last two years have also seen me improve unlike any other period of my career as I’ve managed to win a U-Sports National Championship and sign my first professional contract.

Michael and I have worked on most every aspect of goalkeeping, but have put an emphasis on improving my positioning which has transformed my game. His attention to detail and straight forward communication has made it very easy to learn from him and implement his information in game settings.

The video analysis and learning materials that Michael has put together are extremely effective and easy to take in. Undeniable proof of that is how Michael played an integral role in getting me to where I am and has helped me transform as a goalkeeper, despite living on opposite sides of the country.

Michael is always willing to go the extra mile and I can’t recommend him enough for anyone looking to take their game to the next level.